Monday, December 1, 2008


The house was ready for Halloween (it is just this blog that is a wee bit late;)

The "official" Halloween pictures you can see here, what follows are a handful of happy snaps...

Buzz ready to spring in to action...

...and following on the tarty theme - here is the fanciest Martha Washington you'll ever see - all dolled up

One happy Mama Daisy and her youngling

Daisy Jr, the concert pianist

A good day to develop a sweet tooth
Stopping by the Steins

Jonah stopping by Farmor's...

...and a final stop at the Hoffmans, next door

A happy halloween was had by all. (Scary pumpkin designed by Martha Washington, happy pumpkin requested by Buzz)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Little Daisies grow more charming, and Martha Washington is dolled up for the night! Carin says that the pictures of the kids keep her going, and I must say that the ones of Annika on the monkey bars were a daily "check" for me while JR was in the hospital. Just seeing that glee made me smile! Send early, send often, though we don't live in Chicago!! Much love to all!

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