Friday, July 27, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jigg

Shelley and Jeremy Satterlund

Three stooges (long gone, those halcyon college days...)
Where I spend my days...
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Adieu Florida

No problem dealing with delays when there are clouds to climb...
...and airplanes too...
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Merry going round

The polite wave...
The ride in the park: Cecilie & Victor
The jokers: Lars & August
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More water...

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Water Park

August & Victor emerge victorious...
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Out flying...
The gang under the crazy tree with the thousand trunks...
Next generation entertainers, with music, lyrics and some smooth moves
Going fast
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Amusement Park

Forget about rides, give me an antique fire engine, any day...
Not sure how to read those expressions...
Going for a ride
When Lars becomes a millionaire I can pretty much guarantee he is having one of these in the back yard
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More Florida

Showing off the spoils from Wal-Mart: Monster Trucks & Princesses
Olympics, here she comes! A huge deal since a month ago she told her swimming teacher she "wasn't fond of jumping"

Lars, grumpy about not being a big kid
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Our mermaid, in the Very Deep Water. She's so cool
Lars "hated" the floaties until he figured out he could swim in the Very Deep Water with Daddy
Buying time before dinner reading cowboy stories in authentic drawl... (note Lars' total lack of interest)
Hot pink & bothered in sunny Florida
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At the blueberry patch

Eating is definitely the way to go... sod the picking! He filled his bucket from mom's.

Hay ride back to the parking lot - Cecilie & BFF Lauren Mattison
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4th of july, the after party

Proper grub
On the porch for fireworks, riding trikes
Star boy
Fascination and slightly scary stuff...
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4th of July

At the soap box rally the crowds (our neighbors the Steins and the Nilsens) were going wild.
And the winner was not the shiny rocket, but the rubbish looking vintage one
At the parade
The Shriners were taking their silly 18 wheelers out
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