Sunday, December 28, 2008

Matters of Life and Death, The Christmas Edition

So I'm putting the kids to bed, with Cousin Talia here for a sleepover. The super-sneaky tactic to stave off the final GO TO SLEEP NOW is to ask existential questions. This evening's discussion went as follows:

Cecilie: Mommy, is Santa ever going to die?
Me: no...Santa is a magical sort of elf, and so the rules of normal humans don't apply
Cecilie: oh, so kind of like God, or Jesus: non-stop kind of guys.
Talia: like Obama!
Lars: hey.... but Jesus got dead! I saw it, in the Walters Eye [sic] Museum.
Me: um, yeah, but Christians believe that then he went to live in heaven.
Lars: so he's just... living up there?
Cecilie (all exasperated): Yeah Lars, that's what that Easter celebration is about.

Go ahead, Dear Reader, accuse me of dissembling. What else do you do in the face of preschool queries on the relationship of God and Man, Santa and Obama?

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