Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jake Ryan vs Lloyd Dobbler


Being a female viewer of a certain age, I would be curious if there was any other female out there my age (+/- 10 yrs) who did NOT see Sixteen Candles, and did not nurse even the tiniest crush on Jake Ryan. His clothes are still cool (Combats?!? in 84?!? ok, he could lose the boat shoes), his haircut would need only slight tweaking, and the car would still work for most ladies.

Had a extended discussion with Terri, my very serious, very efficient and incredibly stylish manager at RH Studio who confirmed that indeed, Jake Ryan is a seminal cinematic character. She in fact pointed me towards a site where I could purchase an 'I Love Jake Ryan' t-shirt (they even make men's sizes for all those poor gay teenagers who were in love with Jake too and can now wear the tshirt proudly!)

This phenomenon is not in my head: Two years ago on Valentines Day, there was an article in the Washington Post validating my crush after all these years. Of course I immediately forwarded this article to my friend Cecilie in Norway, who has had no shame in proclaiming her love for Jake.

This year on Valentines, however, a rebuttal article was published that argued that Lloyd Dobbler from Say Anything was the ultimate 80s crush, and that John Cusak's character set the gold standard for all men who would try and follow. Interesting article, thought provoking, but I'm sorry - Lloyd's long black trenchcoat is just offputting. (just too Columbine-y...)

And in Googling all of this, I came across an interesting idea: the Teen Hollywood DVD box set. Had Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Weird Science. A fine representation of a certain period, but Torbjorn argues that his boxed set would be Heathers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Virgin Suicides. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is no time for auteurs, dear friend. This is a time for stepping up and embracing your true 80s self. Can't Buy Me Love, anyone??

So the gauntlet is out there: what do we think, O Children of the 80s?? Does Lloyd crush Jake? The acting superiority of John Cusak over Michael Schoeffling is a given, and therefore moot. Discussion to follow.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Loving words from Cecilie

Cecilie's been quite affectionate of late. (Barring last night, 3am of course, when she cried inconsolably that I had come to comfort her instead of Grandma). Early Saturday morning we cuddled in the bright spring sun, and she looked up and said "Mommy, I love you.... You are almost as beautiful as Auntie Eileen."

I think that's about as high a compliment as they get!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The meaning of life...

If I ever get caught saying that the grass is greener somewhere else, remind me of this weekend: Lars' birthday was a big hit, it was consistently over 20C, today they suspect we'll get to 27C... Not to forget: the new season of the Soprano's started, and let's just say, the person you least expect gets shot - that's how they like to do it in New Jersey...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Lars!

The year seemed to flash by in like, 30 seconds: Lars turned 1 this week!
With no kitchen to speak of (Grandma's renovating) and the kitchen unloaded into the family room/living room, chances of a 1st birthday party were looking slim. In step good friends Colleen & Dan Slear who live in the neighborhood & offered to host the party at their house. Here are a few photos of the great party we had, and the good friends there. Kids were Petey, Will and Grace Slear, Cecilie & Lars, and Lauren Mattison. Fire Jeep kindly shared by Petey & Will.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Pancake Day, French Style

Tuesday was Pancake Day, of course, which is not celebrated here in the US. But it got me thinking about many fine Pancake Day celebrations with the Berkshire Massive, and one member of the massive came to mind in particular - the lovely Frenchie, Gildas.

Maker of a mean pancake or two, as well as many other culinary delights, Mr LePallec was always game for a celebration that involved some cooking.

So in honor of our dear friend G, we drank some Cotes du Rhone, and ate a creme brulee. Here's to you Gildas, wherever you are...

(Now, has everyone given something up for Lent?)
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