Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sailing away

OK, we're good to go...

A little bit nervous about what we've gotten ourselves into

Much better with mummy near

Cecilie driving

With Mr Nilsen at the helm we reached 7.7 knot

One hot pregnant woman

Some proper sailing grub...

This angel is reserved for Mr Lars

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Latest from the pool

Well, Mr Lars still doesn't master the butterfly, or the crawl, or the breast stroke, or doggie paddle, heck he doesn't even know the rudimentary elements to floating, but these mere trivialities doesn't stop him, oh no only water in his nose stops him...
At the beginning of the summer we couldn't get her out of the baby pool, now we can't get her out of the pool at all, except for "splashing daddy big time" activities...
...and as soon as he learns how to swim this guy will be golden. Until then, a total liability!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August Mix

OK, object lesson time: if your child is being weaned off his naps, DO NOT leave him alone with mummy's purse at nap time... (yes, that is a becoming shade of Desert Rose lipstick)
Yma is visiting with her parents and brother, from England, the girls are having a blast, they are truly kindred spirits and spent SIX hours playing house in Cecilie's room!
The $1 fan that really makes life worth living...
This one would be the headshot then, for a bright Hollywood career, we might need to photoshop that background, maybe.
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