Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our annual pilgrimage

Early December means a pilgrimage to the Norwegian Bazaar at Union Station in Washington D.C for fresh waffles and all things norsk to make it a 'real' Christmas.. Cue Norwegian sweaters and apple-cheeked offspring, ready to embrace our heritage.
At least half the day's excitement is the trip on The Train (aka Metro). This was Annika's first Metro trip - she seems to take it in stride. After all, anything that means undivided attention from Daddy can't be a losing proposition.

She doesn't yet have an Official Sweater, but we think this beautiful handmade number from Farmor is even closer to the Real Deal.

This one is just a flashback to last year's photo - what IS the fascination with those water fountains?
Hilarious norske barn messing around on the platform waiting for our train.
Cecilie likes those mini skirts...

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