Sunday, December 28, 2008


The day after Christmas, I had the privilege of taking Cecilie and BFF to Grandma's house where they would be whisked off to see the Nutcracker - they were both beaming with the magic of Christmas and brand new American Girl dolls.

Cecilie's new doll is "Felicity" and BFF noted that that was the one she wanted if she hadn't gotten the "Just Like You" doll'. BFF had seen the movie and proceeded to say that it was kind of sad as Felicity's grandpa got a cough and died. Cecilie was stunned as she asked to verify: "He just started coughing, and then he died...?"

I felt the need to step in, and informed the girls that in the olden days ("Felicity" is a Colonial doll), sometimes a cough might in fact lead to death as there weren't many doctors and hospitals. BFF was totally with me and added with wisdom beyond her years: "Yeah, the olden days, like 1993..."

At this point, they decided to play "through the dolls" and proceeded to talk about how exciting it was that their owners would take them to the Nutcracker. I focused on driving for a little while, but soon enough my ears perked up as I heard this exchange:

BFF: "...hey, we are dolls, how can we even talk?"
C: "I don't know, we better look it up in the Bible..."
B: "Yeah, that is a good idea, it has a lot of stuff about God and fairies..."
C: "...but not a word about dolls."

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Jen C said...

Notice my kid thinks the Bible has stuff about fairies in it? HA! Apparently our edition must be the Disney version.

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