Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At the Aquarium

Please note Cecilie's hands resolutely pinned behind her back, and then pan left to Lars' right hand plunged deep in the rock pool to touch the horseshoe crab.
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Sunday Morning with 3-wk old Annika

Cecilie was supposed to be getting dressed and ready to go to the Baltimore Aquarium, but got distracted in the baby's room by castles and stuffed 'aminals' and princesses, Oh My!

At least she's dressed, but baby holding is much more fun than combing hair
Well fine let's just pile up all these wild Nilsens. I have a feeling we'll be seeing some version of this picture for many years to come...
King of his castle, and if he's lucky he gets to play with the princesses on the top table (most often when Sister is at school!)
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January Snow

Those kids like nothing better than a snow day. (Lars' hat is a fish head...)
Our single January snowfall: it melted by the next day, only one more month with a chance of a storm

Annika at two and a half weeks

Cute smile? Gimme a break... Annika having a laugh at our expense.
Annika paying close attention whilst Cecilie figures out her aquarium.
They're perfecting the 'Gorgeous Nilsen Sisters' pose: look out future teenage boys.
This was intended to add some perspective to the impressive cheek-span; her legs are actually pretty skinny!

Friday, January 11, 2008

First bath and other activities

What Annika and Dad does best...
She quite enjoyed the experience - after having pooped all over mummy, the floor and most traumatically: Lars' tools!!!
Ready for some racing with dad
More sleeping, this time in Farmor's hand knitted sweater...
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More Garden of Light

...and more balancing
Grandpa, Lars and the somewhat impotent fire breathing dragon
Lars carrying daddy AND Annika (yes, that's her on top...) on his shoulders
Time to head home to get some sleep

Some fresh air

Annika's first big trip out went to Brookside Garden's "Garden of light" show, which also has a cool O-gauge train display in the greenhouse...
Lars is a big fan of the trains and his grandpa
The kids liked the praying mantis
Lars doing what he does most of all - balalaing!


Two thoughtful sisters sitting in the sofa mulling it over...
A pack of trouble...
Lars deploying some avant garde babysitting methods; rocking the cot with his feet by the momentum of the rocking chair, while singing "Hush a bye baby"...
Our work on "careful" allowed for this tender shot in the end; don't be too fooled by the shot though -rumor has it if she will survive until 1 years old she'll be a pretty tough baby!

Annika Pictures

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