Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Leaf Raking is a Season Unto Itself at the Yellow House

On this particular day the kids hatched the idea of raking a pile of leaves for the sole purpose of jumping into them with Ellie & Jonah (who were to arrive imminently). Lucky for them, their Farmor was more than happy to indulge them in their whim.

As the official 'Ideas Person', Cecilie tired quickly of the actual raking, and retired to perform feats of amazing physical strength in the redbud tree. Although it looks like a particularly good Ashtanga yoga pose, she is just reaching for the furthest-out branch.

Ellie & Jonah finally arrived, and their mom's comment on the melee was 'hey, it really is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!'

The Leaf Monster lies in wait for his next victim

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