Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday party

Jack was the only child there that was NOT completely freaked by the fire house dog.
Cecilie was VERY excited about the cake...
...and helps blowing out the candles by proxy.
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Firestation Visit

Cousin Jack's birthday was fire station themed and included a real fire house visit.
Nilsen folks in front of the hook and ladder...
Highlight of the visit was sliding down the pole after it was demoed by the real firemen.
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New Cousin

Lars is ready to go home
Cousin Max, still spending most of his time asleep, or feeding...
Nilsen kids and front yard dogwood and late blooming cherry.
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Here comes spring...

In mum's dressy dress from childhood.
Taking the use of an umbrella to the next level, capturing spreader spray and staying out of the sun...
Prima Ballerina
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cecilie Classic

Daddy at Sunday dinner: You guys know what? You are my favorite family in the world.
Cecilie [in a grumpy tone, under her breath]: Well I hope we're the only one.

At this, Mum & Dad look at each other to check that we really heard what we thought we heard. Then we bust a gut laughing incredulously. Torbjorn runs around the dinner table to hug Cecilie, and from the depths of his arms she smiles shyly and says "I knock your socks off, huh?"

Just when we thought she was turning into a regular four and a half year old...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

You know...

...well I just love them! The kids put together a birthday breakfast in bed for super mum!


Doing some easter cleaning in Quantico.
Two cousins flusing down the sugar of easter with some Virginia water.
The bestest little easter bunny of them all...
Two dudes IN a tree

Training egg hunt and Easter morning

Hammell garden hunt, 160 eggs divided by 4 kids equals only marginal interest in finding the most.
Cecilie's bounty...
What the easter bunny brought...

Building up to Easter

Dig dig digging with daddy - Lars' new obsession. Next birthday will be a digging birthday, and we'll have a bu bu buch of boys do some la la landscaping.
Easter breakfast, the morning before - one a penny two a penny hot cross buns...
Easter egg decorations at the Hammells...
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