Monday, March 26, 2007

A few more...

Lars is doing his "entertaining the ladies" routine, Daddy doesn't know exactly what to think...
OK, not even a Diego umbrella beats chocolate cake...
Cecilie's very own routine with Kirsten at her very darkest (after three bouts of lo-lights, to search for "natural" the day before she hit the high-lights again).

Friday, March 23, 2007

Philadelphia and the "Please Touch Museum"

Larsie taking liberties in Freedom Hall (where the Declaration of Indpendence was signed)
Cecilie is proficient at retail therapy
Lars is VERY suspicious of that chicken
"And Max sailed in and out of weeks and almost over a year to where the Wild Things are"

Patapsco State Park with grandparents

Pick up the pace Torbjorn, the geezers are outpacing you
The tribe on the rails, as it were

Miscellaneous Mix

My cheeky girl at the tire park
Lars has a future as a fashion model - this is his J Crew pose
And this shot shows his versatility!

Lars is 2 - The Full Monty

On the 17th, a Digger Birthday for Lars, with neighborhood kids & cousin Jack (who was afraid the cake might dump out of the truck before he got his piece)
What beats a dump truck full of chocolate cake...?
Only a Diego umbrella from your big sister! (She used all EIGHT of her coins to buy it)
Even Grandpa Schneid could easily see its uses

Lars is 2 - Low key...

Auditioning for Stand By Me III on America's first railroad tracks
Farfar and Cecilie practice the Nilsen Art of Balancing
Lars gets his first hit of SnoCone at the circus. Don't inhale!!
Turning 2 is a serious business: this is cake #1 on the 10th (his real birthday)

Did you miss us?

Jonah and the Nilsen kids hanging around, lookin' for trouble on the Trolley Trail

Our slightly insane angels all ready for Daddy's Angel Surprise birthday party
Blowing out the candles on the Angel Surprise cupcakes made by Cecilie & Lars
"Tinkle Tinkle ittle 'ar" - and Cecilie eyeing the celestial clouds of mashed potatoes
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