Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10 Things I Love About You

Imagine a complaining, 'can you believe my husband' kind of voice, talking to other moms at ballet class this afternoon: "this morning, before he left on a 3 day business trip? My husband brought ALL the laundry downstairs and sorted it - so now I get to do the rest of the loads he didn't finish." I wanted to slap myself mid-sentence. Seriously? I'm complaining about this? Why don't I go ahead & complain that when he emptied the dishwasher he forgot to match sippy cup lids & valves?

I think a bit of paradigm shifting is in order here. Without further ado, here are a mere 10 reasons why my guy is such a keeper.

1) In a 3-day weekend, he managed to work a whole day refinishing our front door, get us all in the car to choose a Christmas tree, get all the Christmas boxes out of the attic, and get the tree up & 90% decorated.
2) He has taken my obsession with Christmas and run with it, making it happen even when his wife gets all Grinchy on him.
3) He lay on the floor this morning at 7am finishing a puzzle with Lars like it was the only thing he'd planned for the morning
4) He has a daughter who told me tonight "I miss my Daddy more than anything in the whole entire world"
5) He wears only black socks, only Gold Toe socks, and he STILL doesn't expect anyone to match them for him
6) He wears brown corduroy trousers that make him happy every autumn when I dig them out of storage. (ok, the trousers themselves, not so cute. but that he gets so happy about them? v. sweet.)
7) He has manfully taken over the midnight duties with Little Miss Wakefulness, now that breastfeeding her into silence is no longer an option.
8) He has emptied the kitty's litter box every night since Samuel's arrival, and complained not once.
9) He actually complains very little about anything. Not even about his wife who complains about everything.
10) He gets more and more gorgeous with every year.

Bonus round: 11) he is hilarious cheap entertainment.

So there you go, Mr Nilsen. Sending much love to you as you settle in for a long uninterrupted nights' sleep in a quiet hotel room, whilst I head for bed to fold laundry, feed the baby at midnight, and sleep with the cat. Not that I'm complaining.


Lady C said...

Lovely, just lovely! I certainly hope he got to read this while he was all by his lonesome in a hotelroom far away.

torbjorn said...

Oh, what a way to wake up to a sunshiny day...

Kirsten, you really are most wonderful. Not in a sloppy sense, but rather in a clean, crisp and succinct way.

I love you

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