Sunday, November 25, 2007

...and then comes christmas

The kids are almost as excited about unpacking as the grown-ups, advent calendar and Little People manger scene (with "Pirate Angel") being rediscovered... you can see Lars saying something along the lines of "but sister..." (I am certain he is capeable of saying "Cecilie")
...and yes, the tree IS up, come on, what do you take us for?
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It may be almost christmas, but those leaves still needs to be gathered

Mr tool guy has overcome the initial sting of fright from the noice and is now weilding the leaf blower as if he invented it
Some cute kids...
The leaf monster...
Nilsen posers
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Thanksgiving day

I'm gonna eat on thanksgiving day, turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce...
...and before you can count to 1-2-3 I'm up for the pumpkin pie!
The sweetest little cousin
A model child

Our Pilgrim

Overtaken by all her newly aquired knowledge of the pilgrims Cecilie struck an easy puritan pose...
...but couldn't keep her face for too long
She's quite the sweetest!
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Cecilie's random November

Two cuties watching 12 dancing princesses
Full on action at the maze, note the pink cowboy boots...
A cute little piggy
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween, the fall out

Scoring treats at the Steins, the hat got too hot for Cecilie so the last couple of houses she hoodless
Home again home again, jiggedy jig; time to inspect the loot
One very contented monkey...
...and an exceptionally tired kitty cat

Halloween I

This is from Cecilie's Halloween parade at school, her fiend Ellie is PrincessTiger Lilly, they all marched over to the Old People's home next door to sing Halloween songs and generally charm them to bits.
The kitty cat and the monkey streching and getting ready for action...
At neighbor Linda's door
Three Nilsen kids out trick or treating
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Halloween Party

Some of the 13 children at the table, due to a "public works" issue the Slears joined us a little late...
But when they came they got to tell us all about how to create a vacuum with a round plunger over a square hole (now I know, send an email if you want more details...), Tim in the foreground: checking out his work.
As you can see, this blog entry is really only to brag about the finishing carpentry work we've had done, Tim did such a fine job we haven't even considered starting to paint...
Keegan had a special liking for our spider cookies (licorice laces stuck into double stuffed Oreos, for legs, in case you wonder...)
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Farmor's last weekend

We did some Baltimore touristy things to get some ticks in boxes, this is from the Clipper Pride of Baltimore II, and Lars showing off his sealegs.
Then we went on a Quack-tour, partly on land partly on the harbour in an amphibean bus, very exciting...
They gave us "quackers" to blow - made for a loud 90 minutes, but we pretty much covered everything.

This, then, is the begining of a tree house down at the bottom of the yard, don't worry, if you look really closely Cecilie is wearing a safety sling around her waist at the top of the ladder there... ;)
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