Thursday, April 6, 2006

Life with a Princess

This afternoon, Cecilie was trying on a new princess dress (an extra one from Xmas that never got returned to the toy store...) Grandma & Mommy made admiring noises about Cecilie looking very regal, and were stopped short: "No. I am not Cecilie, I am Lady Augustina DuBois!" She then proceeded to the top of the steps, holding her skirts high, and announced herself to the imaginary court: "Lady. Augustina. Dubois."

At bedtime, an exhausted Cecilie was fighting off sleep. As the eyelids got heavy, she all of the sudden remembered she'd forgotten to pray. She folded her hands, and whispered "Dear God. Thank you for this happy day. Thank you for this lovely evening. Thank you for all the prettiness. Thank you for all the lovely prettiness. Thank you for all the brides. Thank you for all the grooms. Amen. Your turn Mommy."

She then was willing to close her eyes until it was time for me to leave, all the sudden she insisted she had to stroke my hair [bliss!], and she brushed my earring. (Very small silver squared hoops). "Mommy, are those your hearing aids? " "No Cecilie, those are my earrings." "Hmm. I have hearing aids (dress up earrings), but they are much prettier than yours. Yours are not earrings, they are ear squares."

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Poisson d'Avril

For those in our readership with French skills this might not come as a surprise, but the above is "April Fool" in French.

Well it tickled me, I like fish and the mysteries of the French language; that's how easy it is to entertain a person that spent entirely too much time honing his namchuck skills in his youth...

So, in the 1500's if you wanted to give someone the fish of April, or donner le poisson avril, you stuck it on their back and had a giggle. 500 years later there are post-its and they're still doing it apparently, somethings never change; while the rest of the world goes for the less subtle "KICK ME" or trying to tell the population that spaghetti grows on trees...

Did you get fooled, or at least tickled?
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