Who IS that Masked Blogger?

I've been meaning to do this About Me page for so long, it's beyond embarrassing.  So in the absence of Divine Inspiration on how best to tell you about Mrs NilsenLife, I give you the "Twenty Five Random Things" meme that was doing the rounds on Facebook a while back.

Sums me up more than anything else I've come up with.

1. I have unhealthy attachments to my coffee mugs - there have always been 'special' ones in my life. (Until Torbjorn accidentally breaks them. *sigh*)
2. I was born in Penang, Malaysia. But I don't remember it.
3. The only broken bone in my life: my collarbone, at summer camp. I fell out of the top bunk. This was early in the week and my counselor kept encouraging me to 'work out the kinks' in my shoulder for the next 6 days.
4. I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in Thailand once, and it was every bit as amazing as anything you might read about it.
5. I loooooove running.  I am slow and not very competitive, but boy do I love it.
6. I have a vicious sighing habit. [see #1]. Usually combined with some dramatic eye rolls.  And yet it makes me nuts when my kids do it.
7. I am insanely loyal to my peeps: friends & family alike.
8. I often fail to recognize the point at which it would be good to stop talking. Otherwise known as diarrhea of the mouth.
9. When drunk, #8 is magnified tenfold. Entertaining for some, generally embarrassing for me.
10. I have 0% success rate when baking yeast products
11. I owned a house. In a village. On the Thames. In England.
12. I miss England every day. So badly that my heart actually hurts.
13. My idea of a great night with friends involves a delicious meal, lots of wine, and lots of outrageous ideas.
14. I am late to most things, but I HATE being late
15. Arriving at the airport 3 hours early makes me very happy. (see #14)
16. I can't ever be a vegetarian (altho I love veggie food) because I do love the bacon so very very much.
17. I have a terrible temper, although I didn't realise this until well into my adult years
18. I have lived in the US for 5+ yrs and STILL can't shake the UK spelling habit. [did you catch it there, in #17?] Partly because I really think it looks nicer.
19. I am inordinately proud of my handwriting. My one vanity.
20. Favorite job ever? Mom. Second favorite? Lifeguard.
21. Deeply intuitive. Again, didn't realise this until well into my adult years. Just now learning to trust that inner voice.
22. Am grateful for the forgiveness and tolerance of my friends.
23. Have an extensive collection of written, sealed & addressed thank you notes, never sent, due to lack of postcode/stamp/cooperation of the Universe.
24. The Damien Rice song 'Cannonball' makes me cry - at least verklempt - every time I hear it
25. A little embarrassed that it was this easy to come up with 25 things. Final thing: apparently addicted to self revelation.

And #25 gives you the best explanation as to why I blog.  Except...not really.  I blog because I am a writer.  A writer who thinks about stuff in a complicated way, and blogging is what? My mental Pilates, if you will,  to work the kinks out - to find out if my ideas are way off the wall, or just a little.  To remind any one of my readers that magic can be found in the simplest of things, and wisdom is almost always discovered in the most mundane of moments.

Thanks for being here - it makes me so happy that you are.
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