Tuesday, December 23, 2008

St Lucia

December 13 dawned bright and early, and found Mr Nilsen putting together a GORGEOUS breakfast tray for our St Lucia girl to carry to the grandparents in the guest bed downstairs. And (I'll just brag a little here) let's notice the very interesting baked goods: all a product of Torbjorn's creative hands on Friday evening. They are called 'lussekatter' [Lucia Cats] - saffron yeast buns with raisins. And yes, they ARE as delicious as they sound.

This year we had a very willing Star Boy. Maybe he was excited by a Star Wand that could possibly be a weapon if you squinted and tilted your head slightly to the left....

And how sweet, this year we got to add a Tern to the parade (with her very own baby star wand!) 'Tern' is the technical term for the rest of the girls behind the St Lucia Girl. Can't you tell what a funny girl she is?
She's getting very experienced at this whole 'bringing of light' palaver...

Annika & Cecilie sharing an insider candle joke.

Sieze the crown! Sieze the crown!

This is the way this rowdy crew rides...

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