Saturday, December 20, 2008

Say hello to Sam

Never thought ourselves cat people, but after a fair few mouse droppings turned up and none of our 14 dozen mousetraps indicated any interest from the mice (real clever ones, they are, the mice at the yellow house, of course), Cecilie got a late birthday present and the Nilsens got the youngest member of the household:

Samuel is the name: no cutesy kitty monikers would do for Cecilie, whose biblical logic goes along the lines of: "Well, they are both orphans, kind of..."

Nilsenlife is overwhelming to anyone uninitiated: it took over 48 hours and a rodent trap (kid you not) to locate Samuel after we said good night to him the first night. Since then his every hiding place has been found by Lars who regularly goes searching with a maglite, CSI style. That the cat is still alive and only half a nervous wreck goes a long way to proving the whole 9 lives theory...

As it turns out, we are are braver and more loving that even we thought possible. The grown ups have come to love the little guy and at this point we do consider him "ours" and a fully integrated part of the family, litter box and all!

And one last thing -there have been no new mouse droppings spotted, nor the pitter patter of mice feet heard for a month, so we might possibly be on to a winner with the mother in-laws too!

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