Friday, April 4, 2008

The FDR Memorial

We never made it to the Jefferson Memorial (scene of the most romantic wedding photos ever, and the official location of the Cherry blossom festival), but the FDR more than suffices...
Sooo big
Under a ceiling of blossoms, Cecilie's cheeks are even pinker...
somewhat random, this one is from the bathroom floor

Portraits of the young man as a young boy

A boy, a sword and a monument (please lets not focus on all the phallic issues therein...)

"Cheri", the norwegian way

-you cannot be serious...
-but you are funny...
"We'll always have DC" (not to put words in anybody's mouth...)
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Cherry Blossoms

OK everyone, let's check out this cherry blossom stuff...
Smile [almost] everyone
The funny ear monk
Bitter cold day, a day good for wrapping tight with someone warm
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Families that lunch together...

The good lunch life at Lauriol Plaza...
A proper East End Wide Boy (check the gang sign...) and his Royal Highness
Somewhat shy about the attention showered...
TWO princesses
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Random acts of cuteness

This just makes me chuckle...
Paying keen attention to the stories at hand...
A wee bit too small, but oh so enjoying the exersaucer
I am game!
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The spoils of war

Lars found a place all to himself, he was not going to share - for sure

Easter egg hunt

And they are off...
Treasures to be had by all
Lars 'found' the most eggs, due to dropping most of them out of his basket and then discovering them all over again!

...even in the Gobi desert
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Easter kids

One cute baby
The oldest 3, working hard at being cute
much cuter when we lose focus...
Well, she's up to no good, I know that much. Probably laughing about the fact that we got no good photos of the Nilsen kids all together in their matching Easter outfits.

Easter lunch

Lars is pretty suspicious of Uncle Alligator's claims...
If we can just get Annika to sleep, then Mom can have her lunch...
Maximum cuteness - and fierceness
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Easter day

Two sweet smiles on two sweet people...
That Lars rides his mom pretty hard...
Peacefully waiting for lunch to be served
Still waiting...
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What the easter bunny brought

yep, that Easter Bunny somehow knew that Polly Pockets Princesses were the ticket...
I cannot believe how much candy there is in there!!!!
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