Saturday, November 29, 2008

Halloween the school version

I love this look on Lars' face from his school's halloween parade - he is so cute I could just mush him. His two buddies in his class are also in this shot: Jonah Cooper is in the back as Lightning McQueen As Sponsored by Dinoco, and Noah is the pirate just ahead of our Buzz Lightyear.
Now, this one does require some explanation, beyond the tarty pose...

Cecilie's school "celebrates" Christian Heroes day on Oct 31, which is all very honorable, with the added benefit for her of getting two outfits for dress up - so where most of her class mates went for a version of an angel she went for the ethnic choice of Santa Lucia (Scandinavians and Southern Italians have more in common than you think...) After all, she does have a long history in the role - what the vampy pose is for on this occasion, I really have no answer...
She really has no tartyness in her at all, just super sweetness
As I said, a bunch of angels mostly, which is sweet - my favorite angel is Gabriel (back row, left), but my overall favorite was Aslan (hidden by the fuzzy halo at center).

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