Friday, August 26, 2005

The kids

Here they are, our generally well behaved children...

Lars is growing to be our handsome dude and he has the sweetest laugh when we nuzzle him under his chin.

He is well in to his vegetables now - his favorite is sweet potato and apple mixed, much like his sister's was.

Cecilie is quite the lady (when she is not Bombaloo. Yes, we're getting a bit fed up with her being two...).

Here she is as Queen Esther with her friend Conrad (Grandma was teaching Sunday School and things were very creative. Torbjorn played the part of all the other maidens parading before King Ahazuerus ...)

She has acquired an appreciation for the good things in life - ever since Uncle Carl painted her toe nails at the beach in May, this has been a very important ritual. Flamingo pink toenails: the nadir of my mothering career thus far.

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