Monday, August 1, 2005

In which Lars gets one haircut too many

So I've never paid much attention to clippers, and whether it is a #3 attachment or #2 or whatever. I go into the babershop, and ask the very kind Korean lady if she could even out his crazy hair. Sure, she says, and and before I can say another thing, my poor Larsipan looks like he just escaped from the Make-A-Wish Foundation Annual Picnic!

YIKES.So from now on, Lars and his dad will make visits to the barber. This is NOT something I should be in charge of! But bless his heart - isn't he cute anyway, and you can see his two teeth too!

1 comment:

Jon Endre said...

Seems like a pretty good barber!! Will I get more hair after an appointment? Larsipan seems like a very genuine sweet lad! We are looking forward to seeing him. Love aunt M and uncle JE

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