Thursday, August 11, 2005

Diary of the Madman's Wife & Mother of the Madchildren

So....while he drives 33 hours one way, I stay home on my own with the 2 kids and try to keep from going insane (grandparents would be in San Diego. The NERVE!). It's just over 24 hrs, and so far the only problem is Cecilie wailing about missing her Grandma/Daddy, depending on the circumstance.

I keep telling myself this is stupid, many mothers survive more than 4 days on their own with small children. However, at 5am with both kids draped on top of my head, all in our bed, I just felt sorry for myself. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak...

Meanwhile, back on the ranch: I make the monumental decision on what cabinets to fit our kitchen with. Is it life threatening? Is it philosophically complex? No and no. But can we remember cooking with the stupidest cabinets ever and vowing never to do so again? Oh yeah. (Do I sound like a Mastercard ad? Oh yes.) But oh so much fun to do a kitchen from scratch...

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