Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The ramblings of a mad man...

I am about to undertake a project which might have secured me a place in history 40 years ago (too bad it is 2005 and it seems like nothing impresses the public anymore).

I will drive to Bozeman, MT and back via New York only stopping for gas, a snooze and a store opening party. We have a retailer that is opening a store on Friday and because of a logistics issue (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED) it has transpired that the only way we'd be able to get the furniture there is by taking it there ourselves (or pay $5,000 for DHL to do it). Customer service is not dead, at least not with Allinwood.

Well, it will be 16 states (but who is counting), 4585 miles (that's 7379 km to you Europhiles), probably 13 gallons of diet coke (yep, that's 50 liters) and a grand opening party (free champagne!!!) between tomorrow and Sunday. To join me on this adventure I have managed to coax David, Kirsten's cousin - oh, we'll be real tight before all this is over!

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