Sunday, August 7, 2005

In which Dr Leonard is acknowledged as an inspiration..

I never took a class from him (I think that was the reason I was snubbed from contributing to the fest-schrift...)

Oh well, so we're knocking down walls between the kitchen, the dining and the family room: creating a GREAT ROOM --isn't it great!?! Plaster, horse hair, old newspapers, pre-historic nails, lead based paint and mice nests everywhere... Don't worry, we are wearing those masks people are using on the subway in Tokyo, we've got the door open, an industrial type exhaust fan cranked to 11, the children are kept away, and generally speaking we're having a hoot until it comes to clean up time and someone actually have to lift all of this junk out of the house to the tip pile...

It quickly proves a drag and a sham to do this piece by piece and as all our generally useful things are in storage we sip alcohol free beer and think it over. Not that I am particularly prophetic, but a vision appears (must be the beer) of Dr Leonard cleaning leaves in his yard with two
pieces of plywood and saying something totally wise in response to my snide remarks about an apparent lack of proper tools for an avid and generally world renowned gardener.

Well, schtick that in your fest-schrift, he inspired me too. The wall is half down, the tip pile is still a mere shadow of its coming self and to prove that it is hard work, we have ill-lit videotaped evidence to show that Peter can NOT karate kick a hole through the wall even with kicks well aimed between the oak beams...

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