Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Progress Report

I felt somewhat omnipotent having 15 people running through the house doing my bidding yesterday as the A/C installation is getting underway. I suppose that having the contractors in heralds the beginning of the end. Now, how much time exactly they need to finish for us to move in is up in the air, Kirsten is adamant it will be Thanksgiving, I thought Cecilie's birthday, but am fine with Halloween.

Well, the demolition of the kitchen walls is complete, only the supporting columns left and hopefully next week they will start working on getting the beam up to open the space completely. It'll be great! Then the plumber and electrician needs to come out before the flooring and kitchen cabinets can go in and we can start finishing it off. Oh, it will be a while yet, but it will be fun.


eileen said...

What is up with the Nilsens and bringing down walls? :)

Jon E said...

Nice fridge!!

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