Thursday, September 1, 2005

Cabin Life

We're just back from an overnight trip to see the Mattisons at Deep Creek Lake at the cabin they rented for a week.

Weather wasn't exactly on our side, but we found some time between the showers to rent a boat and go exploring the lake, the girls were very apprehensive at first, but soon warmed up and had their turns at the "wheel". As weather turned nasty the ladies and Lars got off at the marina and Karl and I went playing like kids (we had the lake to ourselves, what would you expect?).

The girls seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely; spending A LOT of time climbing in to and out of the bunk beds and saying good night / good morning in the process. Us adults enjoyed a nice evening making s'mores and working at solving the all important question of the meaning of life.

The only other thing the group did was exploring the local coffee house, which was found to be to an exceptionally high standard.

On the way home we stopped by Grandma Joan's house in West Virginia to pick up a sofa, a desk and a freezer for the Yellow house.
It is very sad that the house has been sold (end of an era indeed), but we are of course grateful for any help with making the yellow house a home.

Carl and Talia will be here for another week and the Lintner clan are coming for the weekend to finish off the house business, and to celebrate Grandma's 90th.

There are much more pictures on photobox, if you don't have access, let us know and we'll hook you up...

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