Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magic - It Isn't Complicated

the viscous slip of suntan lotion sliding into that space between armpit and ribcage (the spot I always miss)

the shock of cold water against humid skin as you dive with abandon

the thrill in your kid's eye as she plunges into the deep end for the first time this year

the brain freeze that comes with the first huge bite of shaved ice with syrup

the scent of chlorine, suntan lotion and hot sun filling your laundry room afterwards like a warm smile

the inky acrid smell of real charcoal and lighter fluid snaking into your nose

photo by Dave K Cooper

the first corn cob of the season popping its kernels between your teeth

the first firefly of the summer blinking in your front yard

the aural hip shake of bossa nova on the stereo making your shoulders shimmy, just a little

the quiet non-sounds marking a late May night - two people on their porch, rocking & humming & writing

here's where summer begins.  this magic - it's not complicated.


CaraBee said...

Beautifully said! I love these first days of summer.

Cheryl said...

You know, living out here, we don't get that feeling really. We've gone to the beach in December. We were in the pool a couple months ago for the first time.

Just another thing to make me miss Back East!

Aging Mommy said...

Yes, I think those first days of being at the pool, of sitting outside in the warmth of the evening really do mark the beginning of summer for me too. You describe it all so well, every line you wrote here evokes memories, smells, sights and sounds of summer.

LoveFeast Table said...

Bring it on!! I love impromptu cookouts with neighbors, fresh squeezed margaritas, fish caught and grilled the same day, sun kissed cheeks, the smell of suntan lotion and chlorine, swinging on my porch swing holding hands with my man...I'm so ready for it!!
~kristin said...


Varda said...

Oh, man you totally invoked that magic for me! Would that we'd had a chance to have some of that as a family this weekend! Instead we had a big family wedding on Monday evening that also involved an early (rehearsal) dinner on Sunday evening. And they both required drives from the city out to New Jersey. So we were city-bound and with an early curfew on the 2 hot beach / pool / BBQ days of the weekend. Not that I'm whining or anything (OK, yes, I am whining). I'll just have to live it all vicariously through you. Lovely Post ... and I'm only a little jealous.

p.s. Come visit me over on my blog, I've finally got a new post up (yeah, I agonize over them) "From Autist to Artist"

prashant said...

I love these first days of summer.
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