Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is it Happy, or is it JOY?

Happiness is getting your three-mile run in on the treadmill.
Joy is early-morning running in the woods, watching the sun rise in front of you.

Happiness is watching your daughter onstage in her ballet recital.
Joy is watching your daughter twirl by herself in the backyard.

Happiness is hearing your toddler giggle with her 2-year old buddy.
Joy is making her giggle yourself.

Happiness is hearing on the phone that your husband will be home early.
Joy is him walking through the door early, as a surprise.

Happiness is dropping off your preschooler at school without a fuss.
Joy is when he proudly leads you to the gym for the Mothers Day Luncheon.

Happiness is sleeping through the night.
Joy is sleeping through the night, then waking up & realizing your kids are at your parents', and going back to sleep UNTIL NINE O'CLOCK.

Happiness is a new pair of jeans.
 Joy is putting on an old pair of jeans that fit perfectly, straight out of the dryer.

Happiness is a cute pair of flats.
 Joy is your favorite pair of boots, the ones that have traveled 1000s of miles, 3 continents, 2 dormitories and 5 homes.

Happiness is a mailbox with no bills.
Joy is a mailbox filled with a lumpy box that can only mean Care Package.

Happiness is making a new friend on Facebook.
Joy is finding out you can be friends in real life.

Happiness is the sound of coffee dripping into the pot.
Joy is the first sip of the first cup.

Happiness is the mashed potatoes.
Joy is the gravy.

Happiness is a walk in the park.
Joy is finding a climbing tree when you're there and getting to the tippy top branch.

Happiness is the moment.
Joy is the journey.


This post is a [very late] submission to Bridget Chumbley's One Word at a Time Blog Carnival.  I've done Kindness, Patience, Faithfulness and Self Control so far, and I have to say Joy was one I was looking forward to.  Check it out - the pursuit of Joy is always fruitful.


Cheryl said...

Happiness is the mashed potatoes.
Joy is the gravy.

I loved this, although mine would've been:
Happiness is cake.
Joy is two-inch thick frosting.

Well done, my friend!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I agree with every Joy. Loved the dancing girlie in the back yard, and the husband home early from work. Two of my favourites.

andrewsaurusrex said...

I love this, Kirsten. It is always better late than never!

Joy is the journey... amen!

Jennifer said...

Loved this! Wishing you a life filled with Joy.

LoveFeast Table said...

I love this post!
I love the way you think!
It brings me joy!

Lori-Anne said...

Beautifully stated. Happiness is reading such a compelling list. Joy is remembering your own :) said...

wow what an incredible post. do you mind if i repost it on my blog (with a link to yours of course and full credit that it's written by you)? I think this post totally captures a healthy perspective on life.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kirsten.

Just so you know, when I left you a comment, my son had signed in on my computer in his own Google account. I didn't know that and I left you the comment under his 'Andrewsaurusrex' name... sorry about that.

Great post.

kirsten said...

Diane, of course you can repost! I'd be honored to have you share it!

I have a vague idea that a list like this might spur others to make their own. Who knows. :)

kirsten said...

Bridget, glad to hear that stuff doesn't only happen at my house. So much for thinking I had a new male reader w/ a very cool screen name!

hezro said...

Kirsten, as always, you inspire!

Amy said...

Oh, I love, love, love this post. What a great reminder to find the joy in things. Thank you so much!

Coach said...

I love it--my daughter's name is Joy!

Molly said...

That is a great post. It is making me think of my own happiness and joy moments.

Harold of Scaggsville said...

This was very nice.

It brought me back to a fond memory of Mr. Greenman, my high school drama teacher, explaining the difference between slapstick and comedy.

He said, "Slapstick is someone walking down the street and slipping on a banana peel and fallin on his butt. Comedy is someone walking down the street, seeing the banana peel, cautiously stepping around the banana peel to avoid it and then after succeeding, falling down an open manhole."

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