Monday, October 31, 2005

Mary and her little lamb

Holiday season is seriously upon us, and yesterday we were passing time in xmas preparation with the fun and games of Halloween -- well, it was more like Hallowday, as it all started with Mary taking her Lamb to school (although he ran amok and had scampered off for this particular picture...)

Even with a full sugar load from her Halloween party at school, Cecilie went down for her nap motivated by the prospect of Trick or Treating alone...

As if by some miracle (after all it is the season) Lars decided to play the "please the parents" game too, and had a nice long (late) nap before waking up in a stellar mood to go racing on Cecilie's push bike before hitting the neighborhood streets with our wagon & goody bags.

The parents let the assumption that she was Bo Peep pass most of the time, and after a while we gave up correcting that Lars was NOT a bunny (or we laughed off that we were breeding a new type of sheep -- for its acute hearing abilities!) Cecilie was less polite about it: When our good neighbor Darnell complemented: "Oh, what a pretty Little Bo Peep!"
Cecilie corrected: "Actually, Darnell, this is a Mary costume, and here is my lamb..."

When candy was given for Lars she would be very polite though, and say: "Thanks for the candy for my lamb. He can't eat this, but he can suck!"

A lot of fun was had by all, but that Halloween is clearly not the pinnacle of the season should be clear from this exchange at our other good neighbor Al's house:
Al: Do you like Halloween?
C: Actually, my best holiday is Thanksgiving...
Al: What do you like about thanksgiving?
C: Um, the peas...

So there you have it: Happy Halloween and Peas on Earth!


Anonymous said...

I want a sweet little lamb of my very own, but of course I couldn't do it without a sweet little Mary to help me with him! She is quite, quite the pleaser for her auntie from afar!

Amanda said...

Have you Photo-boxed these pics? You need to, for I must have a copy of the shepherdess on the front porch with her puppy.

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