Monday, October 3, 2005

More Cecilie classics

We were leaving school this afternoon, and I had a very tired (and heavy!) 3 yr old in my arms. Sleepily she said to me "Before I came to school here, you checked this place out, didn't you?"

At bathtime, Lars was happily playing in the tub with his little boats and sucking on the washcloth [flannel] when Cecilie came in full-bore and leapt into the water. She scooched right down under the water, looked happily up at me and said "Its nice to pee..." When I protested and pointed out the grossness of such, she looked at me like I was stupid and said "But Mommy - I only peed on the bottom!" [And yes dear reader, I did drain the tub.]

And as we sang our way into dreamland, we came upon the classic, 'I Will Make You Fishers of Men', in which there is a verse that goes 'hear Christ calling, come unto me, I will give you rest'. Well I just about lost it when I realised that Cecilie, Diva Cecilie, was singing 'hear Christ calling Come-On to Me....'

I will leave it at that, and we can all shake our heads and wonder what kind of teenager she will be. Eileen has already pointed out that I need to start preparing mentally for this.

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