Thursday, October 27, 2005


Cecilie listening to daddy reading at bedtime with a tissue in her hand: Ah, the boogers are all gone.
Grandma, the provider of tissue: Now, that was efficinent wasn't it?
Cecilie: MmmHmm, because I ate them all up!
[please note that blog is not edited for gross-out factor]

Cecilie refusing a hug from daddy (note to daddy: shave more often): I don't need a hug!
Daddy: Well, that's good 'cause I don't need to give you one, but would you take one out of pure luxury?
Cecilie: I don't need luxury!
(There is a chance we'll be using this against you in the fututre, diva Cecilie)

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Amanda said...

I'm with the Diva. Unshaven hugs HURT! My granddaddy shaves every day of his 80-years-old-as-of-tomorrow life. Not only that, but he wears, yes, Old Spice. Now THAT'S a nice guy to hug. And by the way, he's a real man, 'cause the reason he shaves every day is because they got him in the habit when he was in the army, tramping around Europe, shaving with melted snow in 1943. Is all this relevant to the latest Cecilie story? Hmmm... probably not. Think I'll go compose my own blog...

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