Sunday, October 16, 2005

Open day at firehouse

There is archieveal film footage of Kirsten being a little girl prancing around the local fire station at their open day: fast forward a couple dozen years and there we are: grampa, daddy and the kids at the same fire station on a gorgeous fall day in Colesville.

My film talents are hidden (as in: I don't know how to transfer all the hours of DV tape to a readable format for everyone) but one day technical problems might be overcome (that would be the day we're all on Macs I suppose) and Cecilie's children might do a high school project about cross generational fire station open days, who knows?


Gasmeter said...

You got to watch out for cross-generational filmmaking. Have you seen Capturing the Friedmans or Tarnation? Old footage can come back to haunt you.

torbjorn said...

Well, it would be Cecilie's children that needed to watch out... but first they'd need to sort the format thing out - I'm putting money (good money, but not much) on them NOT getting there!

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