Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I kid you not: this is word for word

To set the scene, a few details. Cecilie goes to 'school' once a week: it is a once-a-week, 4 hour deal at a local church. They do all the normal school things, like crafts and stories and singing, then they have lunch, then the last 45 mins they go out to the playground. 9.30 to 1.30 is a pretty long day for a 3-yr old, particularly as it takes things past her nap-time, and usually Miss Nilsen is quite "tired & emotional" by the time we pick her up.

So I'm putting her to bed tonight, yesterday we picked her up before playground and the subject comes up.
Mom: If you wanted, Cecilie, next week you could stay for playground time.
C: Oh, I don't like the playground. I cried.
M: You cried?
C: Oh yeah. I sobbed. And the girls all asked me, 'Are you hungry? Are you hungry?' And I said 'NO, I ate my lunch already!'
M: Well could you just tell them that you're tired and you want to go home?
C: No, you told me I couldn't say that. [in mom's defense, this is not true!]
M: No I didn't say that Cecilie!
C: Yes you did.
M: [trying to redirect] Well, it's okay to tell the truth Cecilie. It's always okay to tell the truth. You could just tell the teachers that you are tired, and they will take care of you.
C: What, does Miss Joan have a car to take me home? I don't think she has a car.
M: No, but she could probably hold you for a minute...
C: Well, she could if she was sitting down, but mostly, she stands up.

Okay. So she doesn't have to go to the bloody playground!

At this point Cecilie reminds me that its actually Grandma who should be putting her to bed [Mommy being chopped liver and all], and says "Grandma can do night night. Daddy said." M: "Oh really? Did he?" C: "Daddy said it could probably be arranged."

And for the record, Lars is officially crawling as of yesterday. So of course all he wants to do now is STAND UP, and walk if there are a handy pair of hands to help out.


Gasmeter said...

'Well, it's okay to tell the truth Cecilie. It's always okay to tell the truth.'

I'm willing to bet that, with Cecilie, those words come back to haunt you.

She seems the type of munchkin who will get Mummy in trouble because she speaks a too-unvarnished truth to some poor soul.

Linda said...

I'm with Peter on this ... and hopefully you'll let us know when it happens!

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