Monday, October 17, 2005

Jeremy Satterlund

If you happen to be in Richmond VA in the month of November you should feel obliged to stop by the Main Public Library on 101 East Franklin St, and see my friend Jeremy's "Exhibition of new paintings".

I haven't seen Jeremy since college, but I have been an admirer of his works through my curator, Brad, in the years since, and I really want to go down for opening night November 4. I used to consider myself an aspiring patron of the arts, but that was before moving to America and starting our own business - I still aspire, but the goal seems a little beyond the edge of obtainable right now.

I googled him and found this picture from 04, in St Paul at the Tilsner. I am pretty sure it is him and his canvas, even though he's dropped the German military jacket, the beard, the long hair, and a guitar with a prominent "JUST SAY NO" sticker (him and Nancy Reagan were real tight you see...).


Jeremy Sattelrund said...

Damn that big red blob. It really makes you think that it is a "landscape" orientated picture but it's not. I'm hoping for a good turn out. I welcome all to come and enjoy some interesting pictures, large, medium and small.

Yes, that's me standing there beardless and guitarless amidst my 03-'04 work. The army jacket was ripped off back in Portland, Oregon. One night, I saturated it with weatherizing spray so that I might use it as a snow jacket for snowboarding. It reeked so bad of huffing chemicals that I had to hang it on a hanger out on the front porch in my not so great duplex in a not so great of neighborhood. Dick, my downstairs neighbor at the time with the always overflowing, lidless garbage can full of cigarette butts, half eaten burgers and folgers coffee grounds sitting just to the left of my entrance door, always ready with a cold Bud on a warm day, has since passed on. Rest his soul. The next morning the coat was gone.


torbjorn said...

Cool that you found your way here, sorry to hear about Dick with the Buds.

How disoriented am I, can't believe it, how you like'em apples?

Anonymous said...

That's funny because I was just eating this really good apple when I read that. J

torbjorn said...

Brad and I are coming man... it's all cool...

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