Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The way things are

Yesterday Cecilie was running around trying to avoid nap time. Upon being summoned by her very strict mother she exclaims: "I'm scampering away!" (I had to look that one up...)

Cecilie is saying she'll have a yellow wedding: yellow flowers, yellow shoes, yellow panties, pink dress...

By the looks of things Cecilie is now doing crosswords, we're not allowed in the bathroom when she's working on them, but she was so engulfed I snuck a shot...

Lars is standing up in his crib (for the first time yesterday!), but hasn't quite figured out how to sit down, so there is a lot of giggling before the lumber is felled.

Chances are he'll skip crawling and head straight for the Homo erectus thing. He does this thing where he is sitting on his knees, plants his hands on the floor, gets up on his feet and catapults himself forward landing on his nose most of the time - you could say he goes both ways (as he lands on the back of his head when he stands up in his crib).

Tonight, while singing grace, in the middle of the meal (Cecilie reminded us... -that's how it goes when you have pagans and Quakers for parents), Lars was just staring blankly at Cecilie. I said, "you don't know what this is all about, do you Lars...?", upon which Cecilie explains: "it's just about Gawd, Lars..." This makes him break out in huge giggles, and she finishes: "You knew that,didn't you Lars?"

The house (oh yes, its still there) is being plastered - the dry-wall guys are in for the final furlong (oh yes, we've heard THAT one before...); well, once they're done there is painting and floor finishing and kitchen installation and a few bits and bobs to go, but who's really keeping track?!? I am not entirely disillusioned, but my hope for a Halloween at the house is kind of slipping by, as always Kirsten is right!

Farmor is leaving, thanks for all your help.

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Gasmeter said...

More on Cecilie's word usements please. She's hilarious. We need to see her on the London comedy circuit soon.

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