Friday, September 2, 2005

Other bloggers...

This is of course all Eileen's fault, she is such a trendsetter (always has been). Anyways, here are the other current bloggers in our circle in the order they came on-line, you'll find permanent links in the margin:

Sasha, Eileen and Reuben - the original...
Eileen's sister Linda (and Ray and Matt)
Amanda's - Amanda and Peter, wedding pictures included
The Pettersens - brand spanking new!
Another Pettersen's - brand spanking newer!

Do you have a blog that we don't know about? We'd love to hear from you, if you prefer NOT having a link from our blog let us know...
On a related note, due to issues with spam in our comments, we've made it a little bit more difficult to post (you have to type in five given letters) - but it is really nice to hear from you so please don't stop posting words of wisdom, just stop linking to dodgy sites and we'll remain friends!

OK, what I really needed was an excuse to post a picture of bathtime yesterday with Talia...

(yes I know, our flash is kaput, anyone know if we can have it replaced?)

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