Friday, September 30, 2005

Carwash and Christmas meat

So this is what the Nilsens have been up to this week...

Torbjorn has been undertaking the ritual preparation of the Christmas lamb. This involves about 20lbs of salt, and huge racks of lamb ribs. It was all too visceral for some of us in the household, but Torbjorn was game (geddit) for pulling on the rubber dishwashing gloves and grinding the salt in to the meat, where it will sit in a Rubbermaid box for about 2 weeks.

Then, the meat is hung up to dry until Christmas. Most of the Nilsens will be in Catonsville for the holidays, and then we will soak the meat, boil it, then grill it for the traditional Xmas Eve pinnekjott.
For my feeble contributions (pouring the salt) I got a severe case of nausea, on the upside I was told on great authority that I have now attained full "Norwegianhoodness".

And equally ritualistic, Cecilie assisted her Grandpa with the Friday afternoon carwash. This was the Schneider kids' job EVERY Friday, but now that we're grown and not so good about remembering our training, I guess he's going to train the next generation. And oh boy, was she proud.

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