Thursday, September 22, 2005


Tomorrow is Cecilie's big day. Tonight at bedtime I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said "another bike would be nice...", so I rephrased it to be more about what she thought her mum and dad would get her and her prompt reply was: "what, are you going to the store to buy it for me tonight...?" --Well, we're just back from Target, burning the midnight oil and wrapping away... Oh yeah, we've been planning the gift for ages.

Its been a good week for Cecilieism, here are a few other gems:

Saying grace tonight -
C: Dear Gawd, thank you for this happy day. Amen [standard Cecilie prayer for all occasions]
Grandpa in stage whisper: ... what about thanking for food...?
C: ...and thank you for the food and the hands that repaired it, amen!

Sitting on my lap -
C: are you chubby like Grandma?
Mortified Mum: well, what do you think?
C: Well, you are pretty big...

Overhearing mum and dad talking and laughing, and wanting to be part -
"Ha ha ha [fake laugh], that's too funny..."

To me, watching Torbjorn eating Cheetos -
"I am just fascinated by what your husband is eating."

Talking seriously to me-
" I crack myself up!"

To her Farmor: I am so glad you get to meet my friend Lauren, she is swell!

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eileen said...

Can this little girl get any funnier - ooh dear, Kirsten -- I can't wait for the teenage years! E

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