Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cecilie is three!!!

There is much to be said for spreading your birthday over two days - two special birthday bike rides, two candle-blowing sessions, and most importantly: TWO CAKES.

Cecilie had her family birthday on the 23rd, with presents from Farmor, Grandma & Grandpa and Mommy & Daddy in the morning, along with pancake breakfast. The big present (purchased the night before, see previous blog) was a big red wagon with 2 seats, seatbelts, and ooo la la - cupholders.

Saturday was the Flower Birthday Party, with 4 of Cecilie's friends: Lauren, Emily, Mira and Naomi. It all started out so simply, a little girl party with crafts on the back porch. But perhaps I should have known that getting inspiration from a Martha Stewart kid's birthday party will only lead to heartache - or rather, to neurotic obsession with finding every flower-themed product out there, and artfully draping candy worms out of cupcake flowerpots at 1 am the night before.

All said & done, the party was a smashing success, with flower shaped sandwiches, flower shape jello, lemonade and daisy cookies. The crowning glory was a bright green marzipan cream cake with yellow daisies made by Farmor & Daddy.

Grandma was Master of Ceremonies & had the girls 'digging in the garden' [sandbox] for treasure, painting & gluing their own flower pictures, and planting grass seeds in tiny flowerpots. The most popular activity was the high energy Daddy game of very fast rides in the new wagon, all around the garden.

Success would be measured by no tantrums, minimal tears, maximum sharing and no throwing up. Note to selves: paint in craft projects not recommended, after Lauren ended up sitting in the middle of her project of wet green paint.

Seems all at once like a very LONG three years, but also an incredibly short time as I watch my grown up girl march around in her school clothes & big girl shoes. Three years ago she was such a tiny thing! Such the paradox of parenting.

As always, if you want more pictures, see photobox. Let us know if you don't have, and want, access.

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eileen said...

We love you lots Cecilie! Hope you like your present! E.S.R xxx

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