Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lars the grower

So, the boy is 6 months and the result from the jury is in, he's not quite shrunk but he's more regular size than last check up: 19 lbs (8600 g), 28" (71 cm). This is not to say he's wilting, but let's just say he shouldn't suffer any complexes with the name "Lillebjorn"!

Farmor is in town, seeing him for the first time. She is of course very excited, saying he looks just like me, except I never had thighs that you could hide pennies in... Oh, she knows how to flatter her own son and speak highly of her grandchild at the same time.

Last time it took a few days to warm up, but Cecilie has hit it off really well with farmor this visit. It does of course help that my mum has no inhibitions about spending a whole day in the dollar store with her, rounded off with a visit to the ice cream store - life is good when you are three and have two grandmothers vying
for your attention.

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