Monday, September 19, 2005

Paint in eye...

At least he was wearing goggles for a little while as he was painting the ceilings, but appearantly it got too hot for him, so he decided to wear his goggles on top of his head and - oh hey what a shock - a big splatter of paint made it straight to his eye. So he calls home to ask if he should go to the emergency room, and because he'd pissed me off by not following directions , he failed to get any sympathy and was told just to rinse the *@#! paint out and come home.

The fact that we are now painting is an indicator that we are nearing the beginning of the end. Our kitchen cabinets are being delivered Wednesday and after we dropped Cecilie off at school this morning we ordered our range, etc. for delivery next week. The plumber and electrician are the last tradesmen to be engaged, but their services has now been enlisted and work is being scheduled.

So, painting painting painting for us! And those who know me know how it warms my heart to dig out my boxes of paint samples..... Taupe taupe taupe & more taupe! Hurrah!

And here is Cecilie in her rubber duck pyjamas, she's in love with them at the moment and goes nowhere without them. She will be THREE this Friday, and talks like she is 33. This morning, given the choice of juice or milk for breakfast, she replied "oh, I prefer juice, I think."

Stay tuned for photos of the flower birthday party!!

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eileen said...

Wish we could come over and help decide with the paint colours! Wish wish wish, E x

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