Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Seinfeld Post

Don't know if this is a little mind game I'm playing on myself - if so, hello Mind? We have to take turns! - but I just now figured out that I'm almost halfway through this NaNaBooBooMoFo thing.  And then my mind promptly went blank.  Not a single blessed thing to write about.

This could, in part, be due to spending the day in a posh part of town selling very expensive furniture and accessories to people who (and I'm guessing here) probably don't worry so much about like, forgetting to pay your water bill so often that the water company sends you a $700 bill just to get your attention.  I'm just guessing that doesn't happen to them.  Selling silk flowers to old ladies who want to know if the fake roses 'come in light blue?'  has a very deleterious sort of effect on my brain - 'why yes, that IS grey matter you see dripping out of my ears.  My apologies, madam.'

This could, in part, be due to a teensy bit of overindulging in the beverage part of last night's celebrations.  Strictly for refreshment, you understand - it was so warm in the kitchen.  One was obliged to quench one's thirst.  Often.

This could, in part, be due to staying awake until at least midnight every night, s-l-a-v-i-n-g away to meet a deadline. (Anyone catch that I posted late TWICE this week??)  You know, I'm not a melodramatic girl.  I am almost never inclined to embellish the truth to make it more scintillating.  I may have mentioned this before, but I'll just go ahead and claim the exhaustion that comes of being an artiste.  What?  Wake up early to post before the kids wake up yelling about how you hid their favorite underpants?  Where's the art in that?   And really.  Am I supposed to just generate these miles and miles of handcrafted prose AND fold laundry/make food/work on general fabulousness?

Tomorrow I do believe we shall return to our regularly scheduled programming of thoughtful insight, leavened by faint touches of humor.  Tonight, you have been part of The Seinfold Post:  A Post About Absolutely Nothing.



Cheryl said...

If it's any solace, I posted my
"nothing" post a few days ago. Which is problematic, since that means I have to come up with something now..

hezro said...

A post about nothing and it was still delightful!

L-A said...

You could do what I've done (twice!) and post a look back at an oooooold blog that you're especially partial to. The benefits are two-fold: filling the space for the day, AND getting more mileage out of a post you really like. Of course, I'm hardly an example since I've missed a couple of days already!

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