Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dance It Out

Sometimes there are those moments, the moments where everyone seems to weep and gnash teeth and rend their garments all at the same time (including Mommy.) Sometimes there are slow Saturday mornings when it feels like forever since people stayed in their pjs and laid on the floor driving cars and coloring pictures (including Daddy.) Sometimes, you just gotta dance it out for no reason at all.

Nilsens are known for loving a good dance-a-thon, and this my friends is the way to shake your sillies out. Cue Kirsten's new wave moves, Lars' Funky Dance, Cecilie's Future Star moves, Annika's Booty Shake, and Torbjorn's Mean Electric Slide. We're yelling "Dance It OUT!!!!!!!!"

Dance it out people - this is the tune we use every single time.

And no, there is no good reason at all as to why this is the tune, every time.

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