Friday, November 27, 2009

Mountain momma

Coming atcha from a one room schoolhouse in the hills above Berkeley Springs,WVA. Typing on a borrowed iPhone. (do I really need to clarify that there is no wifi?)

Do NOT say I am not dedicated.

I will say the lack of IT is refreshing. We have hiked,played school, read books, played Yahtzee, and we're fixin' to make s'mores at the fire pit after supper. If the fates really smile we will get snow tonight.

Not ready to buy a pickup quite yet. But I highly recommend unplugging, if only for 24 hrs with an iPhone for backup.


Cheryl said...

You ARE dedicated, sister! Sounds like a great time - and snow! Woohoo!

Wendy said...

I'm so impressed with ur texting skillz grl - I'm SO slow. Evie just whizzes away while I hunt and peck.

Jen C said...

You are amazing! I lack this sort of dedication to anything. You go on with your bad self.

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