Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Becoming a Woman

On September 22, 2002 I had pretty clear ideas about who I was.

On September 23 2002 all of it was turned on its head.  Johnson & Johnson say 'having a baby changes everything', and the phrase is just about the most colossal understatement around.

It took me the longest time to understand that life would never go back to the way it was.  The longest time to figure out that instead of waiting for life to 'get back to normal', I needed to find a new map for the way life would be - the way I wanted my new life to be.

Slowly, uncertainly, with many failures and poor choices along the way, we have worked to chart a course that works for our family.  But through that journey, I pretty much forgot to actually map a course for myself.

So I came across this incredible post, from a favorite blogger of mine, C Jane Enjoy It

"There is a point where a girl becomes a woman." She said. A point where a woman becomes a female warrior. Where her life is no longer a game, it is a genuine battle. Not to survive only, but to survive and be strong.

 The post is all about crossing that threshold:  when that happens - truly happens - and actually, how poorly most of us handle that transition.

... I know I won't always have to fight. At some point it will be in my nature to be a secure, confidant woman without the battle cry. Today though, I like to feel the weapon in my hands, ready to unleash it upon all stupidity.

So Ladies, this post is for you.  C Jane feels her growth is guided by her God - that may not fit for you, but certainly this idea of growth from girl to Warrior is central to that map we're all trying to draw.

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Cheryl said...

Yes, the connundrum of trying to be the "old me" except that's impossible b/c, after certain life experiences (childbirth!) you are not the same at all. At least, I think that's what your post is about! ;)

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