Tuesday, November 24, 2009


paper tinted the color of high altitude
red and navy hashmarks herald their arrival
heft of onionskin
eternal partner to the fountain pen
how many words per square inch?
small smaller smallest - shrink those thoughts
purview of the grandparent - until your flight is called
Postmark Addis Abeba - Berlin - Penang -  St Petersburg
letter opener mandatory
(teeth will do in a pinch)
love encased by wood pulp

have you kept yours? mine are gone. pitched.  tossed in a fit of new life-itis, sure that the memories would never be required.  wish all of those wishes secrets and conversations had a home, a tangible haven for memory investigations. 

was given one last chance - a friend with knowledge of my passion for paper and pen made a discovery of forgotten treasure. she sent two untravelled aerogrammes.  do they stay? do they get sent? any thoughts?

1 comment:

L-A said...

Save one and send one. Best of both worlds.

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