Sunday, May 18, 2008

Syttende Mai in Washington DC

We were having breakfast in our pajamas as this little pearl came from Lars on the morning of May 17:
Is it time to go to that 'wegian national thingamabobber?
As you can imagine, we almost fell of our chairs laughing, when Cecilie chimed in:
Oooh, that's awkward...
...and the scene was set for a very busy day!
Once upon a time there was a Norwegian seamen's church in Baltimore that arranged syttende mai celebrations. But the days of Norway ruling the seas are long gone (at least in terms of actual seamen riding the waves), so we packed up and got in the car to hang with the Ambassador & Co in Washington
I would guess there was about 300 - 400 people there with a parade and everything (the brass band sat seated, and we marched around the field...)
Some sweet Norwegians...
A lot of attention was showered on this gaggle of Nilsens as they got introduced to the Norwegian social scene
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