Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some more on those cute Nilsen kids...

We're on the homestretch of the catching up on photographs (these pictures were taken only last week...), and it brings some sadness as well as relief: taking/sorting /posting pictures is a labor intensive stuff, but revisiting "favourites" is always a pleasure, and I think these are quite special...
Lars has taken a fair time to warm up to his new sister, but these picture captures a change of sorts - this arrived with him recognizing that he can make her laugh, and them "finding a bond."

Lars has grown ever so enamoured over the last couple of weeks, and is now asking to hold her and constantly engages her in 3-yr old hilarity. (Which really does crack her up...)

This girl continues to be the head honcho around here - right now we're working on gaining consensus that she's not old enough to babysit Annika when Mommy goes to the store.
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