Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little french sailor girl

How charming can a baby get?

Hand made is special, we don't know exactly who spent their evenings putting this outfit together. Farmor found this outfit on a doll! We never saw the doll, we have our own...
How do you like the Alfafa and / or TinTin look?
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Amanda said...

I can't believe someone did all that work and then stuck it on some silly DOLL. Well rescued, methinks. It's too adorable.

PS Scarlett will have hair envy. She's got nowhere near the abundant locks that baby Nilsen is sporting these days.

eileen said...

that outfit is at its best worn by Annika

L-A said...

You don't get much cuter than that! I'm a sucker for the sailor look, and she sports it soooooo wel!!

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