Friday, May 9, 2008

A Perennial Favorite: Cecilieisms and NEW! Larsisms

Cecilie: so, pretend that you're the baby and you're getting into lots of shenanigans.
BFF: um, what are shenanigans again?
Cecilie: they are like.... when little kids get into lots of different kinds of trouble. You know, like 3 year olds do.
BFF: oh, yeah, I remember about shenanigans.

[background: Lars fell & really scraped up his knee yesterday. Lots of scabbing. Also big discussion on how fearfully and wonderfully we are made, self-healing & all that...]
This morning:
Lars: Hey! When is my new body getting here?
me [before coffee]: huh?
Lars: I said, when is God giving me that new body?

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Amanda said...

Hurrah! It's been far too long since the isms made an appearance.

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